Here is a comprehensive collection of book covers I have made on AND off of If you're interested in purchasing any, or you want a similar design made for free please contact me on !

  • There is a "Premade" gallery which shows work available for quick buy/edit!

Visit my store by clicking the link!

NOTE: I only use royalty-free images, usually from adobe stock or shutterstock. That means it is wholly owned by me and when you make a purchase, it will be wholly owned by you! Therefore is available for self-publishing. 

Currently my prices range from £30 - £80 depending on complexity, length of time to curate, number of re-edits etc. Please email to get a quote!




I've recently started illustrating maps for use inside book covers.

This includes a detailed discussion prior to the start to really get to grips with the plot of your book and how you imagine your map to look by comparing other maps from books also in this genre. 

I'll then send a basic outline for confirmation before starting on the details; forests, mountain range and finally text. 

Vertical Map
Horizontal Map


Want a graphic done of you? 

Maybe one of you and your boyfriend?

Perhaps a family photo?

Once accepted process takes as little as 24 hours to complete!


FULLY SHADED PRICES (like this image!)


1 person in the image, HALF BODY, £8!

2 people HB [like this image, couple] £10!

3 people HB [trio] £12!

4 people HB [group] £14!

5+ please enquire over email. 

They look lovely as a profile picture, website icon, biography or just to impress your friends! 

2 person half body, fully shaded.
Dog fully shaded.
2 Person half body fully shaded.
4 person full body fully shaded!
3 Person full body, fully shaded!
1 person half body fully shaded.
2 person half body fully shaded!
1 person full body fully shaded!
1 person full body fully shaded!

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