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So, about me. My name is Sophie - as you may have guessed - and I studied Art and Photography at a-level. I have a published book, and am well equipped with various editing programmes; from laptop to tablet, including Photoshop CC and apps such as SuperImposeX. This makes me well equipped in envisioning exactly what graphic would look good with your summary. 

I have recently begun an occasional freelance practise in graphic design, and predominately create book covers for clients of wattpad.com.

What is Wattpad? You ask. Well, it's a free writing and reading service for up-and-coming writers of all ages, and people who love to read for free. As with normal books, they need covers - which is where I come in! On their Discourse forums, I run a request-a-graphic page where I aim to get back to requests immediately and complete a first draft within a week or less [depending on demand]. 

Can I just request a free cover on Wattpad - even if I want to self-publish? Well, yes. It's a bit cheeky of you though! But I will comply anyway, I won't know the difference, will I! You'd have to be specific though that the entirety of your graphic must be royalty-free.

So, why should I bother paying? If you want a graphic that is very specific to your design in mind and want me to actually spend more than an hour designing and curating it - you should definitely consider the paid option. The graphics I design on Wattpad are okay, and I love them, but they aren't unique and definitely don't take hours to make. 

What is royalty-free?  This is where no one else owns the rights to anything in the image. From images to fonts, they have to be either owned by me or you for publishing purposes. This usually costs more, which is why I can't charge less than £30. Usually, for a very good graphic, you're looking at upwards of £100 anyway. Prices go up to £1000 for veteran graphic designers. 

Ok, I want a graphic then. How do I request one? Please email me at sophie0contact@gmail.com and we can discuss what you'd like in detail. I don't just make book covers either! You can ask for anything from favicons and logos to book covers and bindings. 

I want a free one! Don't make me pay. Okay okay, but you must request at this Graphics Shop of mine and using the following form. Feel free to link to any of my work on this site if you like the style of fonts, colour scheme etc. It does help!